Shelford Twinning Association
Wine tasting events

Our next wine tasting event will be held in the Spring of 2024. Further details about how to reserve your tickets will appear here.

You do not need to be a member of Shelford Twinning Association to be able to attend our events … everyone is welcome.

Recently, we held another very successful wine tasting event which was attended by nearly 60 people. These occasions are always quite informal with no competitive element, and allow plenty of time for chatting with friends as well as the fun of trying some wines.

The evening started with a glass of sparkling wine from Vouvray to set the scene, before the tasting began. We had six wines: three whites followed by three reds – the whites were all Sauvignons from the Loire Valley, South Africa and New Zealand, and the reds were all Malbecs, again from three different countries, south west France, Chile and Argentina, and it was most interesting to taste the difference.

Jillian Hardwick led the evening and briefly described each wine, where it is produced and the kind of terrain where the grapes are grown. We were encouraged to enjoy the wine with all our senses – to look at the colour and the ‘legs’, feel the temperature of the wine in the glass, smell the ‘nose’, then taste … although just tasting is fine!

To accompany the wines, a variety of nibbles was offered – slices of apple, oat biscuit, salami, small toasts with pâté, pieces of cheese, a dried apricot or two – and it is surprising how different the wine will taste after a bite of different foods.

Following the official tasting, a meal of casseroled pork and vegetables with baguette was served, followed by delicious homemade desserts kindly provided by members of the twinning committee accompanied by a glass, or two, of one of the wines sampled.

Loire Valley wine map
Map of the Loire Valley wine region