Shelford Twinning Association Film Evenings

Our film evenings usually attract around 40 guests. Over the years we have shown films such as Mon Meilleur Ami (My best friend) starring Daniel Auteuil and Danny Boon, La Vie en Rose, a film about Edith Piaf starring Marion Cotillard, and our latest choice was Sarah’s Key starring Kristin Scott-Thomas, which despite the title was for the most part in French, with English subtitles. We are fortunate to have an excellent venue for our socials at Great Shelford Free Church enabling us to show the films on a very large screen along with Dolby sound.

In order to comply with the licensing association, we cannot charge guests for watching the film. Therefore, we provide food prior to the showing of the film to create what one of our guests called ‘an anticipation of an evening of mild gastronomy and undemanding culture’.

The event has usually coincided with the week which includes Shrove Tuesday thus towers of pancakes were warming in the oven. We were able to choose from a generous range of sweet and savoury treats to top our pancakes. Wine, cider and soft drinks (paid for via voluntary contributions) were also available. Once we’d had our fill of pancakes, and topped up our glasses, we were ready to watch the French film which had subtitles in English.
Suffice it to say, we always have a thoroughly enjoyable evening and it’s always great to meet friends and make new ones too.