Exchange Visit to Verneuil 2019

VISIT TO VERNEUIL 25th – 28th May 2019

We are delighted to inform you that our visit to Verneuil will take place 25th – 28th May 2019 which is at the beginning of the half-term holiday. The format will be similar to last year’s family visit, and is open to single adults, couples, children and family groups. All we ask is that primary aged children are accompanied by a parent, grandparent or approved guardian.



Day 1: One day’s travel to Verneuil by coach and ferry: this is taken gently, lasting around 8 hours door-to-door, in a luxury coach with a toilet. We aim to arrive late afternoon in Verneuil. There are plans for a party for all visitors and hosts in the evening. Although the journey is long, we have plenty of breaks and the children usually find it rather exciting!


Day 2: This day will be spent with host families. We find that families will often get together with other families and their guests to spend the day together. Lots of opportunity to test out your French! In the evening there will be a party for all host and guests.


Day 3: There will be a whole day outing for the entire group to a place of local interest. This year we will be visiting the Abbaye de Chaalis in the heart of the Ermenonville Forest, where will have a tour of the interior, visit the gardens and then participate in a perfume making workshop.


Day 4: The children (11 and under) will be spending the morning in the school which many of their French friends attend. Seeing life in a French school is a unique and stimulating experience for our children. The adults will have a short visit to a place of local interest and an opportunity to do some shopping. We will then meet up for lunch together, after which we will set off back home.




Wherever possible, children (with their parent/s) stay in families with children of similar age and interests, although it may not always be possible to accommodate large families together. They become part of the family, joining in family activities and often a local outing for which many host families get together. Most of the host families have been involved in twinning for many years and are well-known to the organisers both in France and here in England.


The various events also give us all opportunities to meet up frequently with each other and with the group’s organizers, who all speak French.  In addition, we are all staying in and around the village, within easy reach of each other.


If older children are not accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s), please rest assured that adults from the Twinning Association who are accompanying the group have the relevant CRB checks in place and have up-to-date safeguarding training.




You will require a passport and an up-to-date European Health Insurance card (or EHIC). If you need to get one of either of these for yourself or your child be sure to apply in good time. The EHIC is issued free of charge and you can apply online. Before leaving, you will also need to make sure you have travel insurance.



As a committee, we have reviewed the pricing structure for the visit and have decided to keep the price per adult at £95 whilst the price per child (current Y7 or under) will be £70. The cost includes travel, and some administrative costs. All the entertainment and activities are provided as hospitality by the host Twinning Associations and the host families.


All travelling adults are expected to become members of the Twinning Association (£7 single membership /£12 family membership) if they are not members already. The only other expenses would be a small gift for the host family, a little pocket money and your travel insurance for the four days.


These visits rely on exchanged hospitality and many long-term relationships have been built up that way. You and your children are likely to benefit most from this visit if you can host a French visitor during the return visit in the summer (6th – 9th July). However, this is not a requirement, and an inability to host should never prevent you participating in the visit to France.



Please use the form on the Contact Us page

There will be a meeting with parents before departure.



We need to know by 15th February who would like to go, so we can book the coach.

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