30th Anniversary and Exchange Visit to Shelford 2019

30th Anniversary and Exchange Visit to Shelford 6th9th July 2019

During the weekend of 6th9th July 2019, Shelford Twinning Association will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Twinning Charter between Great & Little Shelford and Verneuil-en-Halatte which took place in Great Shelford in 1989.

We have organised a series of events for our French guests, who arrive 6th July, and we are sure we will provide a welcome and events which will honour the 30th anniversary celebrations.

The Parish Councils of both Great and Little Shelford have been involved in discussions as to how the Parishes can help us celebrate this landmark event. As a result of these discussions, it was decided to focus on a project for Great Shelford in 2019 with another project for Little Shelford in 2020. The decision was based on the logistics required to transport the French around the Shelfords on what will be a very tight schedule on Sunday 7th July.

On Sunday 7th July, there will be an inauguration of new trees which have been planted on the Memorial Green – a Tulip tree and a Hornbeam tree. Scotsdales have generously provided the trees and everything required to provide a healthy growth. Shelford Parish Council have been very closely involved in this project and have generously supplied a memorial plaque which will be unveiled in the Inauguration Ceremony to be held on the Memorial Green at 3.00pm Sunday 7th July.

Further discussions will be held with Little Shelford Parish Council to provide a memorial project for the village. One suggestion is to provide trees for a Community Orchard. Again, Scotsdales are also in the forefront of these discussions and we value their continued support.

The main celebrations for the 30th anniversary will be held in Shelford Memorial Hall and the Shelford Feast Marquee. After the inauguration of the trees at the Memorial Green, the group will proceed past Halatte Gardens to the crossroads Woollards Lane/London Road to view the updated Twinning Memorial and then enter the Feast Marquee for the Vin d’honneur. At this juncture, there will be various speeches by representatives of the Shelfords and their counterparts from Verneuil-en-Halatte as well as an exchange of gifts. This will be followed by a performance in the Feast Marquee by children from Shelford Primary School and then we will be treating our French guests and their hosts to an English style Afternoon Tea – the children will have a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ in the Feast Marquee. The afternoon will be rounded off with a Ceilidh, featuring the Magogs Band, which will finish at 7.00pm. The evening will continue with a Shelford Feast Community Ceilidh.

On Monday 8th July, the French group will spend the day visiting a local place of interest and this will be followed by a guided tour of Cambridge on Tuesday 9th July for the adults whilst the French children will spend the morning at Shelford School. The French leave Great Shelford at 2.00pm for their return to Verneuil-en-Halatte and we’re sure that they will have had a weekend to remember.

Shelford Feast Community Ceilidh – 7th July

In a joint venture with Shelford Feast, we will be holding a Community Ceilidh in the Feast Marquee.  This will be a great opportunity to enjoy live music from the Magogs Band with drinks available from the Feast bar and food from local food vans (check the Feast website for which vans will be attending).

Doors open at 7.00pm with dancing from 7:30pm. This event is organised entirely by volunteers with all profits raised going to local good causes. Shelford Twinning Association are pleased to lend their support to this event and many of its members will be volunteering to help.

Tickets* for this event (£10 per adult, £5 per child) are available via the Shelford Feast website (http://www.shelfordfeast.co.uk/event/community-ceilidh/ ) as well as from local outlets in the Shelfords (The Deli, CBS, Days, Boots, Barkers, Kash/PO on Hinton Way, Searles in Sawston and the following pubs: The Square, The Plough, The Navigator and The Three Horseshoes).

* Please note that entrance to the Ceilidh will be free of charge for hosts and their French guests and also for the children involved in the Shelford School performance earlier that day, and their parents.


Our programme for the weekend 6th – 9th July 2019 is as follows:

Saturday 6th July       

5.30 p.m.    Arrival of French guests who will spend the evening with their hosts.


Sunday 7th July : 30th anniversary celebrations

3.00 p.m.    Planting/inauguration of a Hornbeam tree & a Tulip tree in the Shelford Memorial garden.

  • Trees kindly donated by Scotsdales; the Memorial plaque generously supplied by Shelford Parish Council.
  • Brief speeches: Shelford Parish Council; Shelford & Verneuil Twinning Associations.

3.45 p.m.   Vin d’honneur – apero – (to be held in the Feast Marquee)

  • Main speeches (Great Shelford & Little Shelford Parish Councils; Reps from Verneuil-en-Halatte and from Shelford Twinning Association
  • Presentation of gifts to members of Verneuil Twinning Association

4.15 p.m.   Shelford Primary School performance (to be held in the Feast Marquee)

  • Children involved in the performance, and their parents, are invited to the afternoon tea and the ceilidh – free of charge.

4.45 p.m.   Afternoon Tea

  • Sandwiches, scones/cream/strawberries, cakes, tea, wine

5.45 – 7.00 p.m.   Twinning Ceilidh – Magogs Ceilidh Band – in the Feast Marquee

  • For those hosting French guests; French group; Shelford School performers and parents/relatives; invited guests.

7.30 – 10.00 p.m. : Community Ceilidh – tickets £10 per adult, £5 per child.
(Hosts, French guests & invited guests will have free entry.)


Monday 8th July : Visit to Burghley House

10.30 a.m.   Arrive Burghley House

4.00 p.m.    Leave Burghley House

5.30 p.m.    Arrive Shelford Free Church

Evening spent with Hosts


Tuesday 9th July

French Children: at Shelford School

French Adults: guided tour of Cambridge (approx. 60 – 90 mins) then free time in Cambridge

1.00 p.m.   Sandwich/buffet lunch @ Shelford Free Church

2.00 p.m.   French depart


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